So much love, so very singular.

This was probably one of the best Valentine’s days–well weekend, really–I’ve ever had. And we weren’t even celebrating Valentine’s Day. You see, one of my friends is a V-Day baby , and this weekend was about celebrating her, and in doing so, there was so much love, light, and laughter.

Shenanigans kicked off on Saturday evening with dinner, despite the fact that the New England weather was trying our entire existences. Is there ever a need for it to be zero degrees Fahrenheit? Naw.



Jumpsuit: H&M | Shoes: Zara (sold out, similar here) | Choker: Forever 21 (sold out, similar here and here)

Note: Though the figurative light was on full beam, the actual lighting, both at home and at the restaurant, was pretty poor. So please forgive the picture quality. I didn’t plan to blog the look, but I got asked by quite a few people on my Snapchat to do so. So this is for da fanz. 

Surprise, surprise, I wore black. Maybe some day, the first thing I reach for in my closet won’t be in black. Today isn’t that day. To add that extra oomph to my outfit, I recruited the current pièce de résistance of my budding jewelry collection, my pearl and rhinestone choker. Gbogbo sparkles *please read in Jenifa’s voice*. I can’t believe I got this at Forever 21 for $10. You know that joy you experience when you get something for a steal, and you feel like you cheated the world? Yes? No? Am I alone in this? Anyways, I got that fuzzy feelin’ when I got this piece.

I completed the outfit with a glossy, glossy red lip. Since matte lips are all the rage these days, it’s easy to forget the luscious goodness of a high-shine red. Yes, glossy can equal messy, but the glam effect it gives is well worth it.


If you’re in the Boston area, give Red Lantern a try. I am that girl who tries every one at the table’s food, and everything I tasted was yum.


The fun times continued Sunday with a reggae brunch that was as much fun as it was delish. As promised (per my previous post), I spent Valentine’s day in an oversize sweater and jeans, which was perfect, since the weather dipped into the negatives.


Turtleneck: similar here | Flare jeans: H&M

Our last stop was the movies, where we saw How To Be Single‘cos whatever you do, do it well, no? Unexpectedly, the movie was really good; pretty funny, with a not-so-typical ending for a rom-com. It also rekindled my resolve to travel solo. I dream of exploring a new city tout seul, just me, my eyes, and the occasional iPhone lens.

So you see, the weekend wasn’t special because we did anything extraordinary. There’s just something amazing about being surrounded by friends, and witnessing people go out of their way to do the little things for the people they care about. Here’s to happiness!


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