Valentine’s, Valamtime’s.

I’m one of those who has fallen hook, line and sinker for this Valentine’s day spectacle. I love love, and if the whole world wants to dedicate a day to it, I’m so in. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t show love to your favorite people any other day of the year. You can and should, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it on Valentine’s day (as well). And why not look great, giving/receiving love. Going on a fancy dinner date? Movie night? Brunch date? Galentine’s dinner? Eat-in with bae? Nothing at all?

I. got. you. boo. Keep Scrollin’.

Hot Date

Lace body: here, here, similar here | Wide-Leg Pants: here, here, or if you’re like me with a love for velvet, here | Choker: here, here, or if you don’t mind the wait, eBay it girl | Plain Black Pumps: your closet (we all should have a trusty pair), or here 

This fancy dig is 100% inspired this BOMB outfit Kourtney Kardashian wore a while back. I remember seeing it and wishing I had a date to go to so I could recreate the look–much sizzle, many spicy. It goes without saying that this look’ll require a bralette/stick-on cups to cover our coverables, and of course, your favorite coat or jacket to keep you from freezing. Take a cue from Kourt herself. If this look is a little risque for ya, you really can never go wrong with a slip dress and your favorite pair of heels, or a practical combo of a turtleneck dress and ankle boots.

Minimal Movie


Faux leather jacket: here and here | Black jeans | Cami top (Zara, sold out online), here, and here | Skinny Scarf: here, here, and here| Ankle boots: here, here, and here | Emerald studs: here and here 

Suffice it to say this is by far my favorite outfit. It’s so me it hurts. Teju is my name, minimalism is my game. I love an easy outfit that works in the day, night, and the hours in between. This look works for about anything really, and oozes effortless cool. Pop on your favorite red lipstick to seal the deal.

By now, it’s quite clear that my go-to color is black. It’s my favorite color. But for diversity’s sake, let’s inject some Pepto-Bismol goodness into this post with this lewk

Brunch Date

Blouse: here, here, and here | Mini skirt: here, here, and here | Boots: here and here

I guess I love my Kardashian/Jenner sisters, since this look is inspired by Kendall’s ‘fit. Get into this pink/mauve/rose/nude hue, friends. This outfit is one I’d really love to see someone–and that someone may just be me–try. It’s so cute, yet the right amount of daytime sexy. Or am I the only one in love here?

Gothy Galentine

Kimono: here (sold out online in black), here and here | Romper: here | Thigh-high boots: here and here

And with that, we’re back to black. I didn’t do this on purpose, promise. The key to ensuring that all-black / dark outfits don’t fall flat is to play with textures–matte leather, patent leather, suede, velvet, the works. I love the detail on the kimono; details that usually go unnoticed by guys but will have your best girls complimenting you all night. My favorite thing about this outfit is that you can take this from boho babe to snatched by belting up that waist.

Floral Print Wrap Midi Dress

Dress: here | Necklace: here

Eat-in dinner and drinks for two? How about for three, four, or five? This dress is perfect for the indoor belle–it’s effortless and romantic. And since you’re inside, you can show off those legs sans fear of catching your death.

And of course, if like me, a Sunday Valentine’s day comprises Mass in the daytime and preparation for the coming week, throw on whatever you like girl, and go on with your bad self. I myself will be in an oversize sweater and jeans. It is after all, just another day.


Like the looks? Hate them? Let me know what you think in the comments!

13 thoughts on “THE VALENTINE’S DAY EDIT

  1. Yessss honey! Sadly I shan’t be wearing any of these looks on Sunday because my Valentine is my degree. Nevertheless, love the outfits AND the site design. Can’t wait to see what else you serve in the next couple of weeks 😀

  2. cannot for the life of me get over that bodysuit! ahh need!
    Once I gets me a mans, trying all uh these out for date night hahaha

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