If there’s nothing else you take from this post, hear this: WEAR. COMFORTABLE. SHOES.

Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed the last spring trend report. I had a few people tell me that the post gave them the push to go get a bomber, which is what I like to hear! *Yay for becoming a mini-influencer!* 

Graduation is approaching, friends, and so is everything that comes with it–finishing up theses, making plans to accommodate family and friends, and of course, trying to find an outfit to look picture perfect for all the Kodak moments. That’s where I come in. Need some inspiration for senior ball? For the big commencement ceremony itself? For all the senior activities in-between?

As always, I got you.

I’m going to relive my graduation experience with you as I go on, so this should be fun. This is also a lengthier post because of all the events, so please bear with me.

Senior ball

Jumpsuit: ASOS | Other jumpsuits I love: AQAQ, Missguided, MissguidedASOS | Shoes: ASOS, Zara | Statement Earrings: Neiman MarcusBrooks Brothers, H&MMango | 

I feel like for every event that has a fancy dress as a default, I show up in a jumpsuit. Exhibit A, my senior ball:

                  sb1 sb2

I just love them, and I feel like they make you seem more fashion forward than you actually are. The white jumpsuit is pretty clean and simple, but the deep plunge gives it the edge that takes it from ehh to “ooh girl!”. Also, white looks great on everyone, but on darker skin tones, it’s magic. The green statement earrings, rose gold heels, and red lips add the extra oomph that ties it all together.

If you’re not really feeling like a jumpsuit, another thing I love for fancier occasions is f.r.i.n.g.e. For someone who’s as into minimalism as I am, the things I love sometimes surprise me. I’ve been living for these ASOS rompers forever (Oxblood / Black), but I haven’t got them because I can’t rationalize the buy–I have nowhere to wear it to.

Senior Week Events

At every university, on the eve of graduation, there are number of events for seniors to show up and show out. At my alma mater, there were two major events–the Stoling ceremony, a ceremony for students of color, and the Laurel parade, which is such a beautiful parade of alums and graduating students. At Stoling, we all wear black, and at the Laurel parade, we all wear white.


  stoling stoling1

*Twinning with this beauty, Rekia of Rekiaweekly, who’s makeup goals. Rekia  was also very smart to wear more comfortable shoes. Be like Rekia*

This brings me to the most important piece of advice I’ll give you in this post — wear comfortable shoes. My feet died a little death with every step I took in those sandals. But more on shoes later.

IMG_0749 strawberries and champs

Baccalaureate and Strawberries and Champagne–some more senior events 


Dress: Forever 21 | Other dress picks: F21, H&M, AX Paris, ASOS, ASOS | Shoes: H&M, Zara, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, ASOS

For most of these events, which are semi-important-but-not-too-important, a nice floral dress will do the trick.

Special treat for any MoHo readers–here are my white and black picks for Laurel and Stoling. Non-MoHos with a flair for the ‘chrome, this is for you too:

Babes in Black: Forever 21, H&M (this dress is SO pretty in person and $7 in-store), ASOS, SheInH&M, ASOS

White Hot: ASOS, H&MASOS, SheIn, ZaraASOS

And with that, we arrive at the big day: commencement! Oh, the day you strut across that stage, shake hands with the commencement speaker, and grab your hard-earned degree. Four years of sweat and tears culminate at this moment, and you  don’t want to fall. So, here’s the greatest advice you could probably get–wear comfortable shoes! I cannot stress how important comfortable shoes are on commencement, because if your day is anything like mine was, there’s a lot of walking involved. That being said, you needn’t sacrifice comfort for style–get one that gives you both! I strode comfortably and confidently in my ride-or-die block-heeled Zara sandals with not one shade of regret the entire day.


Zara: Gold Metallic Sandals, Black and Gold Sandals, Lace Up Sandals, Black Sandals w/ Buckle, Red Sandals (such a great dupe for these Gucci mules), Fuschia Sandals | Dorothy Perkins Black Sandals | River Island Tan Sandals | Public Desire Heeled Sandals | Vince Camuto Crisscross Sandals (another fab Gucci dupe) | Topshop Black Sandals

Now let’s have some cloth talk 🔑 *ba dum tssss*. I’ve always held the opinion that what’s under your graduation gown is probably the least important outfit you have to worry about this season–90% of all your photos are going to be of you in your gown anyway. My OG tailor Aunty Christy came in clutch for me and sewed this amazing dress (pictures do it NO justice) without any of my measurements.


If you can go the sewing route, get creative and make the dress of your dreams! But if you’re not really ready to potentially fight badly-behaved tailors, I’ve got you as well.

Since these photos are going to be with you forever, you want to wear something that’s got a classic note to it–you don’t want to look at your photos 10 years later and wonder if your suit was alright. My picks for graduation fall into two categories–one for the pure classic, and one for the new classic–a girl who wants hints of the latest trend in her look.

classic grad

Dress: Cynthia Rowley (Rent the Runway) | Other dress picks: H&M, SheIn, ASOS, AX Paris, Zara, ASOS, H&M (this dress is beautiful in person), AX ParisH&M, ASOS |

ASOS sandals |

You certainly cannot be missed in this beautiful, bright lace number. If you get separated from your family, just tell them to ask for the girl in the red dress.

trendy grad

Look 1: Zara Pink Dress (as top) | ASOS culottes (similar herehere, here and here) | Not into culottes? Try a pleated skirt instead (Zara, Topshop, Forever 21) |

Look 2: Nicholas Dress (Rent the Runway) | Similar: Zara, ASOS, Zara |

Look 3:  Re:named off-shoulder top (dress, solid colors) | Olivia Palermo + Chelsea 28 Culottes | ASOS sandals

Honorable mentions: ASOS Romper | ASOS Jumpsuit

If there’s one look I hope someone wears / adapts, it’s definitely one of these. They’re by far my favorites; I just love the silhouette. If you’re on the fence about this look, peep this beautiful outfit from Christie Brown’s SS16 collection.

Most importantly–well, apart from the shoes bit–soon-to-be-grads, please please take a moment to take it all in! Amid the flurry of family, friends, and trying not to pass out from wearing that hot cap and gown, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for your great accomplishment. Congratulations, Class of 2016, you did it!

Do you like the picks? Hate em? What’s your fave? Think the post was way too long? Let me know in the comments! 



Featured image taken by Ify Arinze of Eternity Bound photography

4 thoughts on “THE GRADUATION EDIT

  1. Fam, it wasn’t even long enough! Thanks for this, sis – this graduation matter is really a struggle. All these dresses & jumpsuits are so cute! My main wahala now is literally everything I love is open back but ya girl needs to wear a bra-bra plus not ready for Nigerian parents’ commentary.
    LOVE the Zara sandals with the buckle! Praying for them to come back in stock (along with the ASOS fringe romper plsssS)
    Thanks again for taking the time to come thru for us, Madam Fashion

    1. Girl thanksss and you’re welcome!! If you really like open back, ASOS has some good backless bras with support. But can’t give you a remedy for Nigerian parents’ judginess.

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