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And roll, they did! The weekend after the graduation, I was on a plane with my girls to New Orleans to celebrate my birthday! I love to travel, and so when my finite funds allow, I overpack my bags with excitement and set out, ready to take in whichever city’s essence. New Orleans had been on my travel list for a while, and so it was simply amazing to finally be there.

IMG_2330 (2) IMG_2580

We stayed in a hotel that had such a quaint, authentic, old European-style charm to it. Think Formation video. Really. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t save any photos of it from my Snapchat, but if you’re into rustic chic and you’re thinking about NOLA, definitely check the St. Charles Guest House out.

Our first night consisted of a deliciously scrumptious dinner in a quintessential New Orleans courtyard,  accompanied by the stylings of a pretty good jazz musician, who eventually made his way to our table to serenade one of my friends. After dinner, we made our way to the famous Bourbon street to see what it had to offer. For me, it was way too overwhelming. Bourbon street at night is teeming with people, and for the most part, it reeks. Color me unimpressed. It was fun though, to hop in and out of bars and clubs.


The next morning, once I put on my outfit for the day, Teju took a temporary leave of absence, and in her stead was Esmerelda–in my head of course. You may think I’m nutty for this, but I give certain outfits / looks personas that I find befitting. For example, whenever I have my hair slicked back in a middle part bun, and I have on giant hoops and red lips, I become Young Sade. On this day, in this dress, I was Esme.

Do you also give your outfits personas? Am I a weirdo?

This dress came to life in the Garden District, home to some of the most vibrant, beautiful mansions I’ve ever seen, and where we spent most of our afternoon.

IMG_2357 IMG_2352 IMG_2344


Dress: H&M (sold out online, find in-store) Similar: here, here, here, and here | Shoes : H&M (old–wear with your favorite sandals. Or swap your sandals for Summer’s it shoe: the lace up espadrille |
Squad on the same frequency: unintentional coordination


I love this picture so much because it just goes to show: you can take the girl out of Lagos, put her in a pretty dress in front of her dream home, but you can’t take the jaywalk spirit out of a Lagosian.

Pushing through despite the deadly sun

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the Frenchmen market and parts of the French Quarter, the most exciting bit being that we tried alligator meat–delicious, tastes like chicken–and stayed hydrated with the help of ice cream daiquiris. Can we get those on the Northeast, please? While we’re on the food matter, let me just mention that almost everything I ate here was amazing. If you’re ever in New Orleans, do not miss Camelia’s Grill and Coop’s Place.


Later that night, we went back to Frenchmen street, renowned for its live jazz music. This was by far my favorite night in New Orleans: firstly, we ran into this beautiful night-time arts market that had everything from paintings to clothes. Then, of course, the amazing live music. Who knew you could turn up to brass instruments? If you’re not big on the club scene, hop instead from jazz club to jazz club on Frenchmen, and definitely do not miss the Blue Nile.

We had to start our last day in NOLA at Cafe du Monde, since, you know, beignets are the breakfast of champs. No shame in my calorific game.


The day was dedicated to two main things: properly exploring the French Quarter, and a swamp tour. Aptly named, the quarter made me so nostalgic for my study abroad days in France. And obviously, it made for bomb photos.

IMG_2565 (2) IMG_2560 (2)

Ultralight beamin’
Shirt: H&M (old) Similar: here, here | Pants : Zara (old) Similar: here, here |

IMG_2542 IMG_2545


And with a quick change of pants, I was ready for all things gator and bayou. The swamp tour was amazing, complete with alligators, wild pigs, and other wildlife. And the bayou, man,  so breathtaking, so calming.

IMG_2594 IMG_2618 IMG_2681

And with a night of karaoke in part of town that was just a shade shady, we signed off on the amazing New Orleans. It’s no wonder Solange loves living here so much!

My actual birthday was uneventful, spent at my desk at work, but that was okay, because I postponed my B’day to BeyDay. The Formation World Tour was everything I could ask for and more–air, water, fire, fireworks, confetti, choreography, vocals! Beyoncé is the true avatar. The icing on the cake was that we were so close to the stage and to Bey! She even said happy birthday to me!

Okay, Ladies!

IMG_2788 IMG_2767

Post-concert looks after we’d gotten our entire lives

Turning 22 was a fun, exhausting time, and I’m so grateful to God for life, and for allowing me to experience all of these! And now that we’re back to regular scheduled programming, expect more exciting things on the blog. And follow me on Instagram too!

Until next time,


As always, let me know what you think in the comments! Apologies for the lengthiness of the post! There was just so much I wanted to share.

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    1. aah thank you much AB!! Same, I love The Originals and that’s what really made me want to go. That and Solo. You should! It’s so beautiful!!!

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