is it too late now to say sorry?

I feel so bad for how long it’s been, friends. Please forgive the absence–but it’s been almost impossible to blog for the past month. I’m back, though, and I’m taking you on a photo journey, showing you what made these past few weeks of mine whirlwind weeks–in the best possible way.

First up on my May roster–graduation! I attended the ceremonies of two of my faves, one of whom attended my alma mater. I hadn’t been back since I graduated a year before, and being back on my old stomping grounds came with a bout of mixed emotions. On one hand, it made me realize how much I actually did not miss college–I enjoyed that season of my life, and now it’s over, I’m enjoying this current season. That’s basically my attitude towards pivotal points in life, and as a result, I’m not one to look back. That being said, it was amazing to be back on my beautiful campus, to take part in all the graduation traditions as a young alum, to talk with my professors, and most importantly, to watch my babes get their hard-earned degrees–all the while serving looks, ‘cos multitasker. 

I briefly discussed my college’s traditions in my previous graduation post, so here’s a pic of some of the class of 2016 giving you pristine excellence on the Laurel Parade day.


Alums who participate in the parade also wear white, but since I was neither graduating nor in the parade, I decided to go with an outfit that was very much in camaraderie with white, yet not quite white.

IMG_2018 (2)
Top: Zara (Similar: here, here, here) | Pants: Zara (Similar: here, here, here) | Belt: Forever 21 (Similar) | Shoes: ASOS (Similar) |

    IMG_2033IMG_2128 (2)

The scarf wasn’t part of my outfit–it’s a part of the school tradition, where every year gets its own color. But I thought it went well with my outfit, so I kept it on for most of my photos.

Blue for the Class of 2016, Yellow for 2015 | Congrats Riks! |

Graduation day was very annoying weather-wise, with the sun and winds playing hide-and-seek throughout. This game-playing sun also disappeared right as I got to taking photos, so please bear with me on the poor lighting of some of these. Nonetheless, I loved my outfit.


I’m obsessed with looks that have fun sleeves–flared sleeves, peasant-type puffs, shoulder frills, the works–and so, I ended up revamping my old H&M dress into a makeshift jumpsuit inspired by this Self Portrait jumpsuit I’ve been lusting after for about a year now.

IMG_2066 IMG_2064

Top: H&M (Similar: here, here, here) | Obi Belt: Zara (Similar) | Culottes: Zara (Similar) |

Satin Trench : H&M (Similar: herehere, here) |

Just want to shout out to my highlight for behaving itself and coming through for me on this particular day. I was so impressed with myself. Sadly, I haven’t been able to get it this right since–oh makeup gods, grace me once more with a good hand! 


The next weekend, I was in New York, where the weather also showed me its real face. It was rainy and windy throughout the outdoors ceremony, and your girl didn’t get the memo, showing up in a shoulder-baring mini dress–much shivers, many goosebumps. However, the amount of compliments I got made up for it. Commit to the look, I did.


For this graduation, I knew I wanted to go for a girly vibe, but then somehow, my girly look looked south of the border for its inspiration, and I couldn’t stop my shoulders from shimmying all day.

Dress: Zara| Earrings: H&M (Similar; find the actual ones in-store) |


IMG_2245 (2) IMG_2226 (2)

Congrats Chiomy!

These earrings are my new favorite in my budding accessories collection, and they tied the look together perfectly. And if you hadn’t noticed from my red overdose, this is also my new favorite color. Why didn’t anyone tell me that this color was as magical as black, white, and yellow? Y’all are disloyal. 

If I could change anything about this look, it would be to go full chrome with these cherry sandals. Because there really is no such thing as too much, uno?

I loved seeing my friends graduate, as well as being among friends and family. Graduation season is always hectic, but we’ve survived it, and now, for the Class of 2016, it’s on to bigger and better things!! Congratulations again!

Up next, your girl turns 22 with the help of the Big Easy and the Queen Bey.

too. much.

Stay tuned!


As always, let me know what you think about these looks in the comments! 



  1. Teju! Red looks gorgeous on you. I love the sleeves of your dress. It’s so cute and perfect for the summer. I need to find one like that.

    1. My Juju! Thank you boo! Click on my links, it will take you to the dress and it comes in different colors! 🙂

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