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My name’s Teju. Like all people who choose to dedicate a blog to fashion, I’m pretty obsessed with it. My pastimes consist mainly of scrolling through websites at all points of the price spectrum, ogling clothes, creating wishlists, filling shopping carts, and styling pieces I never buy. The pieces I do buy, however, are my babies. I carefully curate–yes curate, fashion IS an art form–the pieces I place in my closet to reflect the classic styles I love and trends I want to adopt.

So, at this point you may be wondering what eyes have got to do with it. Everything. I do possess some sizable orbs, but my doe eyes focus on big things. I’m wildly ambitious, and I have enormous dreams. I also have an affinity for pieces that may or may not be pocket-friendly. Hence, the name big-eyed a.k.a ojukokoro a.k.a. ido gare shi. Growing up, my mum always teased that I had wildly expensive taste. When we went shopping, I always gravitated toward the expensive stuff, or always wanted a ton of stuff. That’s basically still me. But I’m not made of money, and I live the “American dream” a.k.a bills and mo’ bills and while you’re at it, top those bills off with a student loan. So, I have developed the muscle to make cheap look expensive. To find great pieces at great prices. To recreate $1000 lewks with under $100 girrrl.

With the blog, I hope to flex this muscle a little bit, and develop it even more. I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a fashion guru, but I am confident in the fashion juice I’ve got, so here’s me pouring you a glass. Expect outfit posts, looks for less, endless style ‘spo, tips on how to maximize your shopping $$, and much more.

I’m quite excited; are you?


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