Daaamn Batman, back at it again with the men’s post

I’m back sooner than I expected and with a title switch-up, because what’s Batman without the elements of surprise and mystery? A not-as-cool Batman.

As crisper Spring days transition into the balmier days that herald summer, like me, I’m sure you develop trust issues with your weather app–if it says it’s 60°F / 15°C outside please carry a jacket, that bih lyin’. So, as  we weather these treacherous times. I’m here to break down the four staple items you need to have in your wardrobe to stay ahead of the game.


Let’s get into Chris Pine’s look, which depicts the essence of lowkey baller yet approachable guy–a feat that’s not easy to accomplish. What excites me about this look, however, is the the fact that nothing about this outfit is out of any man’s reach.

There are four Key elements to Pine’s look, each of which should have a permanent spot in your wardrobe: work boots, faded jeans, a simple white tee, and one razor sharp camel topcoat. If you don’t already own some iteration of these items, get them immediately; you won’t regret it. Now let’s zoom in on each of these pieces to see why they just work, shall we?


Chelsea Boots: here, here, here, here, here and here (suede) | Work Boots: here and here 

A quality pair of boots–my preference is the Chelsea boot, but Pine is wearing work boots, so we can work with that as well–is the most versatile shoe a man can own at this time of the year, especially if it’s waterproof. Yes, they can skew a bit casual, but they’re made for getting dirty, not going for owambe. 


Jeans: here, herehere, here and here

If you aren’t a fan of skinny jeans, study the fit of Chris’s denim in the photo. They have a relaxed fit without looking sloppy or like dad jeans. That’s because of the below-the-knee taper action. So if you’re looking for a middle ground between boybander and soccer dad, tapered jeans are your friends.

white tee

White Tee: here, here, here, and here

I’m sort of a stickler for how a simple white tee should fit–there should be about a half-inch of leeway between skin and cloth, and it should hit just below the belt (quite literally). None of that body-hugging, looks like it was bought in the kids’ section fit. Instead, go for one that fits well, but is loose enough to give a relaxed vibe.

camel coat

Camel Coat: here

The coat is definitely the pièce de résistance of the outfit. It will take you from “I thought I recognized you from somewhere” to “I’ll have to see where I can fit you in my schedule”. It’s also the only thing keeping you warm, which is pretty important. On Chris Pine’s coat, the seam detail that goes from the chest pocket to hip pocket adds definition to the body shape and helps to slim overall silhouette.

All in all, a properly fitted camel topcoat–tip: the hem should hit about one or two inches above your knee–should sit among your winning outerwear lineup (a pea coat, a leather jacket, and a parka).


A different way to wear this look is to take a cue from Nas. His look is stylish and comfortable, comprising warm layers. The boots and jeans give the outfit a rugged edge, while the classic crew-neck sweater and coat add sophistication to the otherwise laid-back look. Nas is basically trying to tell you, “I’m from Brookyln, but imma get that Pellegrino water with a slice of lime, no ice, and a straw”. Solid accessories–a neutral baseball hat, aviator optical frames–tie the look together.

Topcoats are perfect for Spring, and as it gets warmer, you can ditch the layers–the white tee + jeans combo is a classic. And, when those Summer nights become chilly Fall evenings after only a few short months, you can count on your trusty coat to hold you down.

Until next time,


Do you own a statement coat? Love it or leave it? Let us know in the comments!


Featured Image: Massimo Dutti


  1. LMAO @ the Nas bit. Love it!
    ++ Wow the coat alone really does switch up the outfit.

    P.S. That ASOS model is lowks bae- literally watch his catwalks from time to time for no reason

    1. LMAOOO I have bae ASOS models but they’re all girls.

      Thanks for the support sis! You’s the MVP

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